Austria and the Habsburg Monarchy:

NEW! Tragicommedia or: the strange story of a soul’s looniness

Sinfonies and Arias of the Viennese Carnival-operas

11 musicians: soprano, 3 violins, 2 violas, recorder, violoncello, violone, harpsichord, theorbo/baroqueguitarr


NEW! Ave Regina

J.J.Fux – Music from Vienna’s Court Chapel for the Adoration of the Virgin Mary

7-9 musicians: soprano, 2 violins, viola, (2 recorders) violoncello, violone, organ

Commedia dell' Austria

A Viennese Carnival from the first half of the 18th cent.:

13 Musicians: 3 violins, 2 viola, cello, violone, recorders, theorbo, baroqueguitarr, harpsichord, jews harp/bagpipe, percussion

8 Musiker: 2 violins, viola, cello, violone, recorders, harpsichord, percussion

Serenata Hungarica

Music in Hungary in the 17th century

8-12 musicians: Tamas Kiss (chant), 2 violins, viola, violone, recorder, harpsichord, zymbal, oud, rebab, percussion


The Emperor’s Trumpets

Music for Trumpets and Strings

12 musicians: 2 Clarini, 2 violins, 4 viola da gamba, violone, recorder, harpsichord/organ, harp


Aria Viennesa

Vienna, the Melting Pot of Nations

7 musicians: 2 violins, viola, violone, recorder, harpsichord, percussion


The Emperor and the Sultan

The first battles against the Ottomans (1550-1600)

11 musicians: 4 singers, Tamás Kiss, ud, rebab, fiddel, recorders, santur, harpsichord, viola da gamba, percussion

14 musicians: like above + violin, viola da braccio, viola da gamba

Pictures of a landscape

Soundpatterns and programme-music of the austrian baroque, 1600-1750

12-15 musicians: 5 violins, 2 viola, viola da gamba, violone, trumpets, recorder, harpsichord/organ, harp, percussion